Video Information:
[PBD-304] Kasumi Kaho PREMIUM BEST 4 hours
commodity Release Date: 2015/07/07
Duration: 239 minutes
appearance Author: Kasumi Kaho
Director: –
Series: Premium BEST (premium)
Studio: Premium
Genre: Pies actress best recap hostesses, sex Miss subjective Digimo single Exclusive Delivery
part number:
super-S-class actress haze here in concentrating the premium feature films that are not found only the best version of Kaho! Preeminent of charm and perfect looks, beauty actress impeccable of superb play and non-in sharp style, premium stylish soap Gold, cohabitation life Pies lovey, etc. your sister-in-law’s temptation, completely covering the popular works of the premium! One of Kasumi Kaho fan must-have!

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